Subject: Proposition F

Subject: Proposition F

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Dear Mayor,

I want to thank you for passing Prop F in San Francisco. As a drug addict reliant on public welfare, I’ll now have access to counseling and behavioral health services in my new home city. Meanwhile, back in Chicago, I’m fighting for unemployment benefits and basic medication after being illegally terminated.

Ever since I decided to embrace iManage HR culturespeak training and bring my authentic self to work with my addiction and mental health crisis, I’ve come to realize that I bear the blame. Truthfully selecting “fired” on the unemployment application seemed fitting, as only “bad” people get fired for not conforming to corporate norms.

I wouldn’t honor my promise of 12-week paid leave either. I should’ve been lucky they offered me a four-week severance if I signed a nondisclosure agreement.

I tried to publish letters to the editor and commentary exposing this, but I also learned that freedom isn’t free. The editorial department merged with advertising, leaving me with no platform but this paid ad. Please, don’t let my family see this. I fear they’d see me as a bombed-out druggie buying methamphetamine with my welfare check.

Your progressive policies are appreciated, but let’s not forget those left behind elsewhere.



Ellis and Hyde corner (red tent), S.F. Cal.

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Bradley Gudzinas